Earth-fault and short-circuit indicator
Type EKL

The earth-fault and short-circuit indicator type EKL can be used in radial networks with one input and open-ring networks which are solidly earthed or low resistance earthed.
The indication of short-circuits is done by one or three LEDs . Earth-faults are indicated by one LED . The potential-free connection between the short-circuit sensors and the display unit is done by fibre optic cables. The short-circuit sensors can be mounted on screened and unscreened cables. The connection between the earth-fault sensor and the display unit is done by cable. The sensor must be mounted on screened cables. All sensors are divisible and can be retrofitted on the cable. The display device is powered by an exchangeable lithium battery. Alternatively the display device can be connected to an auxiliary power supply.
The earth-fault and short-circuit indicator type EKL can be equipped with a second relay for a separate remote indication of earth-faults and short-circuits.

The earth-fault and short-circuit indicator type EKL consists of:

– One display unit for displaying earth-faults and short-circuits
– Three sensors type LK for detecting short-circuits
– One sensor type SE for detecting earth-faults

The earth-fault and short-circuit indicator type EKL is available in two versions:

Type EKL 1.2: Short-circuit indication by one common LED for all three phases
Type EKL 3.2: Short-circuit indication by one LED for each of the three phases
Both versions provide an earth-fault indication with one LED.

Order Data
Type EKL1.2 | panel-mounted 22.50.10
Type EKL1.2 | panel-mounted, two relays 22.51.10
Type EKL1.2 | surface-mounted, two relays 22.56.20
Type EKL1.2 | surface-mounted, three relays 22.57.20
Type EKL3.2 | panel-mounted 22.30.10
Type EKL3.2 | panel-mounted, two relays 22.31.10
Type EKL3.2 | surface-mounted, two relays 22.36.20
Type EKL3.2 | surface-mounted, three relays 22.37.20

Features and Benefits

Potential free connection to short-circuit sensors
Short-circuit: seven trip currents, see sensor type LK
Earth-fault: five trip currents between 10 A and 160 A
Four response delays between 40 ms and 300 ms
LED indication
Passage of 2nd short-circuit by double blinking
Indication of permanent earth-faults by double blinking
Button to test the function of the display unit
Reset function:
– Manual
– Time: four values between 1 h and 12 h
– Remote reset contacts
– Optional: by recovering operating current
– Optional: by recovering auxiliary power supply
Power supply:
– Lithium battery type AA 3.6 V
– Optional: 12-110V DC
– Optional: 115 / 230V AC
Contacts for remote monitoring
Permanent or wipe contact type can be selected on site
Panel-mounted version:
Optional: second relay for separate remote indication of earth-faults and short-circuits
Surface-mounted version:
Two on site configurable relays by DIP switch
Optional: third relay for remote indication of empty battery
Surface-mounted and panel-mounted housing
Optional: blinking lamp type BL4.1 / BL6 for outdoor indication


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