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Earth-fault indicator

The earth-fault indicator type EASI-L can be used in radial networks with one input and open-ring networks which are solidly earthed or low resistance-earthed. The special feature of the type EASI-L is its fibre optic cable connection to the earth-fault sensor. In this way, the sensor is connected from the sensor to the display unit is potential-free so that the earth-fault sensor can be mounted on screened and unscreened cables. But the earth-fault sensor must be mounted on insulated cables only. The sensor is divisible and flexible and can be retrofitted on the cable.
The display device is powered by an exchangeable lithium battery. Alternatively the display device can be connected to an auxiliary power supply.
The type EASI-L is available in a panel-mounted and an IP65 surface-mounted housing.

The earth-fault indication provides two indication modes by LED:

Single blink per second: There has been an earth-fault current, but it is not present any more.

Double blink per second: The earth-fault current is still present or there is an asymmetrical current in the network.

The earth-fault indicator type EASI consists of:

– One display unit for displaying the earth-faults
– One sensor type LE for detecting the earth-faults

Order Data Article no.
Type EASI-L | panel-mounted 21.80.10
Type EASI-L | surface-mounted 21.81.10

Features and Benefits

Seven trip currents between 10 A and 100 A
Four response delays between 40 ms and 300 ms
LED indication
Indication of permanent earth-faults by double blinking
Button to test the function of the display unit
Reset function:
– Manual
– Time: 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 h
– Optional: by recovering auxiliary power supply
Power supply:
– lithium battery type AA 3.6 V
– or 12-110 V DC
– or 115/230 V AC
Contacts for remote monitoring (change-over contact)
Permanent or wipe contact type can be selected on-site
Surface-mounted and panel-mounted housing
Optional blinking unit type BL4.1 or type BL6 for outdoor indication


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