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External Blinking lamp
Type BL4.1 and Type BL4.2

External blinking lamps are used to indicate short-circuits or earth-faults in outdoor areas. The blinking lamps type BL4.1 and BL4.2 are incorporated in a housing made of very solid polycarbonate (IP65). The lighting angle of the LED is 35 degrees.

Blinking lamp Type BL4.1

The blinking lamp type BL4.1 is power-supplied by the display device for it's operation. In this way, the type BL4.1 is maintenance-free.

Blinking lamp Type BL4.2

The blinking lamp type BL4.2 is power-supplied by an exchangeable type 1/2 AA 3.6V lithium battery, which is housed inside the blinking lamp. The blinking lamp type BL4.2 can be connected to any potential-free relay contact of a fault indicator.
The blinking time depends on the type of potential-free relay contact. The blinking lamp is equipped with an auto-sensing system to detect the type of potential-free contact.

Permanent contact: If the blinking lamp is connected with a permanent contact, the blinking lamp will stop blinking as soon as the relay is switching back to its standby position.
Wipe contact (between 100 ms and 1 second): If the blinking lamp is connected with a wipe contact, the blinking lamp will stop blinking after a preselected time (standard value: 2 hours).

Order Data Article no.
Type BL4.1 | with copper cable 44.10.10
Type BL4.2 | with copper cable 44.20.10


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