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Earth-fault indicator
Type EFL

The earth-fault indicator type EFL can be used in radial medium voltage networks with one input and open-ring networks. The network has to be solidly earthed or low resistance-earthed. The earth-fault is indicated by an LED. The sensor and the display unit are connected by cable. The sensor must be mounted on screened cables. It is divisible and can be retrofitted on the cable. The display device is powered by an exchangeable lithium battery. The earth-fault indicator type EFL can reset automatically by recovering 230V AC.

The earth-fault indicator type EFL consists of:

– One display unit with cable for displaying the earth-fault
– One earth-fault sensor type SE with terminal connection for detecting the earth-fault

The indicator is available in three versions:

Version basic scada plus
Fixed functional values:
trip current, response delay, reset time
X X  
Adjustable functional values:
trip current, response delay, reset time
automatic reset by 230V AC X X X
automatic reset by network current     X
remote indication (permanent contact)   X  
remote contact (permanent and wipe contact)     X
remote reset   X X
connection for external blinking lamp     X
Order Data Article no.
Type EFL basic | panel-mounted 27.21.10
Type EFL scada | panel-mounted 27.22.10
Type EFL plus | panel-mounted 27.23.10
Type EFL basic | surface-mounted 27.31.10
Type EFL scada | surface-mounted 27.32.10
Type EFL plus | surface-mounted 27.33.10

Features and Benefits

One / five trip currents between 10 A and 160 A
One / four response delays between 40 ms and 300 ms
LED indication
Button to test the function of the display unit
Reset function:
– Manual
– Time: one / two values between 1 h and 16 h
– 230V AC reset input
- Optional: by recovering service current
Power supply:
–Lithium battery type AA 3.6V
Surface-mounted and panel-mounted housing
Optional: blinking lamp type BL4.1 / BL6 for outdoor indication


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